Friday, September 05, 2008


Ever since we were on the cover and featured in the Professional Photographer magazine back in April, several things have been building up in the speaking area for ARP...

Lots to tell you guys about and here's the first of MANY big big announcements!!!!

Our very own Jeff Rodgers will be featured in a PPA Webinar about BLOGGING!
So, if you are a photographer and want to hear what our super techy guy has to say about how our blog has helped ARP - then sign up!!!! 

He will be speaking with Carrie Viohl and they will be going over the social benefits and technical aspects of blogging. We are so proud that he was selected by the peeps at PPA - and we know he's going to do an awesome job!

Go Jeffy Jeff!!!

:) A

If you would like to sign up - just click HERE


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Whitney Little (09-05-2008 at 11:47pm):

Go Jeff!!! You rock!!!

-Whitney Little

Melissa Andries (09-06-2008 at 3:51pm):

You guys are sooo on FIRE!!!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007


A few months ago I mentioned that we might offer a class or two on how to shoot better images of your kids. Well, everytime a holiday passes I think about really offering this.

When our family gets together there are cameras everywhere - nice cameras, and its soooo hard for me not to jump in when the chaos starts and take over. You know what I'm talking about... all the kids lined up with plastered grins on their faces. Mulitple parents standing fighting for their moment to snap the shutter. And usually everyone thinks louder is better. The poor kids don't know where to look and when they do, they look as if they're in pain. You've seen it. You've done it :) We've all done it. BUT those are not the images we want of our children. Don't get me wrong - those images are adorable, but we want the moment to speak to us. I DO have a lot of good shooters in my family (and they read this BLOG) - so guys just remember that everyone struggles shooting their own kids - ME included.

Maybe you want to know how to work your camera, maybe you want to know the best way to get great prints, maybe you're ready to learn how to shoot on "M" (the manual setting - where YOU tell the camera what to do.)

Whatever your skill-level, if you have a need, we'd like to know what that is.
Jeff and I would like you guys to start posting questions about what you want to learn. We will read all of them and then decide how we should structure the class. The faster the questions come in, the faster we'll set a class date.

So start asking!
And we'll plan a time to start teaching.

We look forward to making life with a camera much more enjoyable :)

A + J

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Sondra Hinton (07-06-2007 at 9:41am):

Okay-I think the problem is that most of us do not know what questions we need to be asking. I feel like you need to do a four week class that builds each week. That way you could start basic but also really teach us some cool stuff too. Just a suggestion. Can't wait!


Rell (07-06-2007 at 1:13pm):

I want to learn how to get close up shots of a fast moving toddler. I bought the camera that you posted on your blog and I do love it, but I feel a hands on workshop would help me more than reading the manual 100 times!

Steve (07-06-2007 at 3:18pm):

Okay - so definitely one class should be on training yourself (or your wife, actually) on always having the camera charged and packed for the special occassions. [I started with "okay" just to sound like Sondra.] Sondra, seriously, just ask a question or two...don't demand the artist to come up with everything.

Ashley Jones Bodie (07-06-2007 at 6:25pm):

so - if i was able to come to a class ;), i'd like to learn/remember about setting aperture/depth-of-field or whatever its called so that i could have a really concentrated focus on the subject of the photos. is there anyway to get that type of effect with a small point-n-shoot? any tips in general for using the cam before I head to europe?
i think lots of people will love the classes!

Sondra Hinton (07-06-2007 at 11:29pm):

Steve, Do you even have a camera? Not the throw away kind, but a real one.

Cindy Mitchell (07-09-2007 at 5:03pm):

I agree with Sondra - I have no idea what questions to be asking but would love to know how to capture those special moments (without them knowing or wanting to pose). Also, I would like to know how to get better shots of fast moving girls ( like my daugher's cheer squad).

Allison, we really enjoyed getting her senior pictures made with you and they look awesome!



Meredith (07-10-2007 at 9:08pm):

The holiday photo session Allison described is all too familiar. I am very interested in a class that would help capture the "moment" but with less mayhem.
We are also planning on purchasing a better camera so learning the basics,i.e. focus, lighting, ... actually anything will help considering I am a complete novice. Trying to capture a 10 month old and 3 year old is hard enough without blurry pictures.
Thanks Allison, we love our pictures!


Jeremy Murdock (07-11-2007 at 12:13pm):

A & J,

I do not have children yet… just enjoying the life of a newlywed. However, I am beginning to enjoy photography as a hobby and would love to attend your workshop. I am very comfortable shooting outside in favorable lighting conditions, but I need help with indoor, lowlight conditions. Judging from all of the blurry children comments mentioned above, I think that this is a common problem for everyone. Anyway, thank you for trying to put this together.

By the way, our wedding photos look great!! You guys are incredible! We can’t wait to go through them with you. Thanks.


Kelly (07-17-2007 at 2:18pm):

You took pics of my daughter about 2 years ago and they are still my ultimate favorites. I have a Sony Cybershot and I would be very interested in a class. I know it sounds really general, but I just want to take better pictures - through the use of lighting, etc. My camera does a good job on its own, but I'm sure if I really learned how to use it they could be even better.

Jason Gunn (07-18-2007 at 9:15am):

This sounds great! I think lighting and advanced camera settings would extremely helpful.


Brad Jolly (07-21-2007 at 9:07pm):

I would really like to learn how to take better everyday pictures of my kids. I would like to learn more about better composition and lighting, but mostly just how to make everyday events into memorable pictures. Thanks for putting this together! This will be so helpful!

Danny Klimetz (07-25-2007 at 11:51am):

Hi Allison,

I love your work! Such great images. Not sure where I should post this, but would you ever be interested in giving a tutorial on your post production work. I really want to improve my use of colors, contrast, lighting, etc in my photos. Thanks in advance!

Kaci Rodgers (08-01-2007 at 2:07pm):

I would love more info about your upcoming workshop. Things I always would love to know more about are how to manipulate the camera to make it do what I want it to! I would also love any tutorials on location scouting and how in the world you get such great shots of these babies, toddlers, and children without spending like 5 hours on one! Ha. One more thing (enough already, I know) would be how to manipulate my camera indoors/low lighting since I do not currently have a speed flash, nor an SLR digital to immediately see my work. Still in the film age for now. Thanks! You have such great talent! Kaci

Sarah B (08-09-2007 at 10:35am):

count me in!
i love my nikon D80 and even after reading the ENTIRE manual (by force of course) i still have questions...and lots of 'em. just say when and where guys!

Amy Bethea (09-04-2007 at 12:35pm):

a class you offered would be JUST the justification i need to purchas a new camera.. bought an insy digital camera 2 yrs ago.. it functions poorly in medium to low light situatons.

I am a M-ophobe.. i would love a good foundation class to attend!

Lisa McAdoo (12-09-2008 at 5:33pm): your images, and would love to shoot some like them, myself. I would totally be THERE if you had a class. I am an artist and beginner in photography. God has truly blessed you!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

thanks! : MOPS @ Goodman Oaks

Just wanted to take a second and say "thank you" to the MOPS group at Goodman Oaks. Jeff and I spoke at their meeting last night and we had a blast! We spoke about so much stuff that I can't even begin to list it all - bottomline - we wanted to give them some ideas about how to shoot great images of their kids. Thanks so much for asking us to come! Check out the crazy image of Jeff and I in the parking lot! We're nerds.

A :)



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Steve (03-07-2007 at 11:10pm):

"If men could only know each other, they would neither idolize nor hate." Elbert Hubbard