Thursday, August 23, 2007

Behold the WONDER that is iphone...

Yes... I broke down and bought an iphone. I did not want to do it. I kept saying to myself I would wait for the second generation.

A convenient spill on my motorola razr led me to the AT&T store. There I beheld the glory of the iphone.


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Shawn Graham (08-24-2007 at 8:44am):

I really want one but it is a phone and all that really matters for a phone is how it works when making calls. So, how is the network?

Folks around here hate the AT&T coverage. Our friends on at&t are the only reason we will not switch. They all say they have stinky coverage.

Any better in your neck of the woods?

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A geek moment with Jeff...

I am not happy with the death of my favorite childhood comic book character.

The Sentinel of Liberty Captain America.

In the current issue #25 Captain America is apparently killed by an assassin.
It is only to get people (who would other wise never utter the word "comic book") to start talking about Marvel Comics. Will these same people rush out to some local comic book shop and pick up an issue? Will fanboys who usually buy the book, not? Only time will tell if this marketing strategy will pay off.

While on the subject of comics...
~ Congratulations to my old art school buddy Mike Norton. Mike, who is living his dream in Chicago, has just signed an exclusive artist contract with DC Comics. He will be the main artist on The Atom.

~ One of my favorite podcasts The Secret Identity mentioned us on their recent episode. In fact they made us their website of the week. Thanks guys.


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Shawn Graham (03-12-2007 at 3:43pm):

The death od Cap actually helps me out a great deal.
You see I hate Cap and I've always felt guilty about it.

I have no logical reasons for it. (I did always think his boots and pants looked like something off a pirate.. but thats still no reason to dislike the guy as much as I did.) Don't get me wrong. I'm a red bloded, flag wavin', hot dog eating, apple pie lovin, American yet I have never been able to stomach that Comic.
That just shows that something is not right about a kid that owns (still in its protective bag) a copy of Regans Raiders yet can't get into Captian America... so I guess that today I am somehow vendicated with the death of the ol Cap'n. Im sure once they bring him back from the beyond, my unhealthy hatred of that comic will return. But no matter it will never replace an M-16 weilding Ronald Regan as my true CapAmerica.

While we are on a subject of uber geekiness check out this great use of Photoshop... amazing beauty yet somehow not as warm and fuzzy as you the shots you guys take.

Shawn Graham (03-13-2007 at 1:19pm):

Oh well, the links didnt show up..
here is the Photoshop link.. odd, yet very cool
oh and just so you can better appreciate the true beauty of Regans Raiders

Betsy (03-14-2007 at 2:37pm):

You know, there is a movie out there entitled "As Good As It Gets", well this latest blog is pretty much "As Geek As It Gets" We love you Jeff- Comic Books, Hero Clicks, and 12 trips to the T-Shirt stand at a concert:)