Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Here are a couple of images that I shot in NY this weekend. Nick and I flew up to meet some friends at the giant geekout called New York Comicon.

It was pretty interesting, being my first time to NY. Shot Times Square and you will see I got some good shots of the famous Stan Lee. Stan Lee along with Jack Kirby created most of the characters from Marvel Comics. Fantastic Four, Hulk, Spiderman...

I will post some more images tomorrow.



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Saturday, March 29, 2008


Mike's bio from Cadence Comic Art:

Mike Norton has been working in comics for 10 years now, gaining recognition for projects such as The Waiting Place and Jason and the Argobots. Eventually, he became Art DIrector for the newly starting Devil's Due Publishing where he drew the first Voltron mini-series. He has since made a name for himself working on books like Queen and Country, Gravity, Runaways, All-New Atom, and Countdown.

He is also very, very tall.

I met Mike in 1994 at the University of Memphis in the Graphic Design department. While everyone else was wondering what they were going to do when they graduate, Mike always said, "I am going to draw comic books." Today he is doing just that. He signed an exclusive contract with DC comics (home of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman) last summer.
Mike is currently the artist on the popular series Green Arrow and Black Canary

Mike's Links:



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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I fell in love with Twitter today, it is such a nifty little program.
I created a Twitter account a while back and never did anything with it. Today, I noticed that a lot of people on Facebook use it to update their Facebook status message.

After setting up my account I was able to add the Twitter app to my profile page. Then I opted for Twitter to replace the Facebooks default status message with the Twitter feed.

From my iphone I text messaged Twitter and what I typed immediately showed up in my facebook status line. So cool. It would be even more interesting if I knew other people who are Twittering. It is a way for you to have IM on your cell phone without the hassle of IM. This is a welcome addition for the iphone user. So if you have not clicked the link yet, go to Twitter and sign up for an account. Then go to my profile and click on my name to add me as a fellow Twitter.

For more info about Twitter on Wikipedia.



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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Commercials of Greatness!

The two best commercials. Ever. Seriously. In the dictionary under the listing "best commercial" you will find these commercials. By the way when I was looking that up I saw my picture under the listing "best husband." I just thought you all needed to know this.

This is actually what I hear when confronted with sports talk.

Art Director

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Shawn (02-21-2008 at 1:57pm):

I am with the kid, I hate clowns too.

But I think the Honda spot may be the best out there right now.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Viva la iPhone

I just discovered that I can post from my iPhone. That in and of itself really does not warrant a blog post but I could not resist.

Okay I just thought of something that will justify my post. The next time you are in the studio take a minute to admire the 60x40 gallery wrapped print in the lobby. It is by far the largest print we have ever ordered. It is most impressive.

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Random Man defender of the trivial pursuits

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Lesley Richardson (10-26-2007 at 4:36pm):

The essence of this child has been captured-her beauty, her mischevious nature, her intelligence. Yes, it is most impressive what God has created and we have been allowed to enjoy.