Saturday, November 15, 2008


Day of the Rosemary Beach commercial shoot.

We spent the afternoon scouting the locations Kathy/Cathy had found. Here are a few shots from the trusty little Canon SD870 point and shoot...



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Katie Weaver (soon to be KUBLER) (11-16-2008 at 8:21pm):

this looks SO beautiful!!!! I wish I could have come, sorry I was too busy getting ENGAGED. HAHA! Im ready for you guys to come home. Work is no fun without you:(

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Allison and I had the privilege of shooting the new images for Jeremy Horn's upcoming CD "The Sound of the Broken". From this shoot we'll create his new album art and all the cool promotional pieces that travel with Jeremy and the guys. It was a lot of fun to have total creative freedom and shoot images that convey the feel of Jeremy's music. Jeremy is an extremely talented artist and the Worship Leader at our church - Christ the Rock. 

Thanks - Jeremy, Mike and Scott! 

First up is a video of the shoot that Jeremy's buddy Kevin (or "Justin" as Allison likes to call him) shot using my Canon SD 870. It is about 9 minutes long. One of the best parts of the video is the last minute. Reflector Boy is not your calling Jeremy - you might want to keep your day job...

J + A :)

Here are few of the favorites from the shoot. 


Jeff & Allison

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lanne (09-24-2008 at 11:34pm):

The video was funny (you can not tell me they do not have thick southern accents.LOL)
I reeeeallly loooooooove the second last one, the one with the lyrics behind him, and the one shot through the greenery... well done guys!

Chanel Parrott (09-25-2008 at 7:18am):

Love these.....the lyrics on is awesome but the one of the below it is really cool as well. Nice lighting, nice location...really cool! Can't wait to see the finished product!


Kay (09-25-2008 at 8:25am):

I talked with Jeremy and we were wondering if you guys could photoshop me into the background with a tambourine or maybe some bongos.

Denise Horn (09-25-2008 at 9:15am):

My friends are ridiculously talented. It's pretty sick actually. Jeff and Allison- I'm in awe.

Lisa Barbour (09-25-2008 at 9:31am):

Really cool looks great! Can't wait to see how you use these. You guys are really talented!

Hannah Cole (09-26-2008 at 11:18am):

These are AMAZING!!!!! i tried to pick my favorite... but there is a tie between five of them.
So i just found out that you go to Christ the Rock! I do too. :) I can't wait to run into you!
...also, that video was hilarious. i think my favorite is when Kevin said "ugh what is this thing?!"... and then proceeded to touch it. ha I love that guy.

Sarah (09-30-2008 at 9:22am):

I love the pics, but seeing the video of the shoot was so fun! it really adds a whole new dimension for us "non-photogs" and lets us see what goes on behind those great finished products! I already knew you had a crazy ARP crew, but throw Jeremy's bunch in there and I'll bet that was one fun shoot! Thanks for that inside look!

Hannah Taylor (04-02-2010 at 5:26am):

Thanks for the video too! The images are great! I really like how you used that light.