Thursday, September 11, 2008


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As I mentioned in an earlier post, things have been going a little crazy over here at ARP...

So many things are happening on the Photographer to Photographer side of our business and we're so grateful and so very excited about some things coming up!

This week the MarathonPress newsletter featured US! Crazy to think it went out to 40K+ people!!!!
Not only are we doing a webinar for MP in October about how we sale to our clients, but we also have some pretty big news that we'll be making the official announcement about soon. (but you can read between the lines below and probably figure it out :)

Thanks Marathon!!!!



Featuring Allison & Jeff Rodgers

Olive Branch, MS

Armed with a BFA degree in Graphic Design and Photography, Allison and her husband Jeff, also a graphic designer, opened Allison Rodgers Photography in 2004, and in four short years their business has exploded. Their growth has forced them to move four times, and they presently occupy a 3600 square foot building with six people on staff. Since opening their studio, they have managed to double their sales each year and presently are regarded as one of the most profitable studios in the U.S. Their work appeared on the cover of the April issue of PPA's Professional Photographer magazine and in one of the magazine's featured articles. To learn more about this dynamic couple and their studio, log on to their website.

Allison and Jeff help their fellow photographers increase their sales by participating in Webinars on Design and Marketing through Marathon. Allison and Jeff will also be featured speakers at the Marathon/Bellagrafica Booth on Sunday, January 11 from 4-5PM during PPA's ImagingUSA in Phoenix, January 4-6, 2009 and Monday morning during "The Art of Success" platform presentation.

Here's what Allison has to say about one of her studio's most valuable strategies: The In-Person Consultation.

This meeting is the most important time we spend with our clients, because it ensures the success of the portrait session. Most clients do not think past the step of having an image made, so the consultation allows us to lay the groundwork for the session and even plan for the end product. We talk about the style of their home, the look and feel that the portraits need to have, clothing suggestions, and which rooms we can plan for image placement. This allows us to do pre-selling for multiple rooms, which you will find can double or even triple your sale. Yes, it is time consuming, but if you take the time to invest in your client at this point, their investment with you will be much larger because they will feel more comfortable with their purchase. When your clients pick up their orders, they should know where the images will be placed and feel confident that they will be displayed properly, looking as though they were designed for specific spaces-because they were!

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Cover of The Desoto Commercial Appeal

Allison and I are featured on the cover of The Desoto Appeal today. Pretty interesting...

Olive Branch studio featured in Professional Photographer

"It's something that I certainly never thought would happen this soon," Allison said. "We are, as the industry calls it right now, a boutique studio -- we kind of take it to a different level -- and that's one of the things that PPA liked about us and that's why they wanted to do a story to begin with."
"We're not traditional shooters in the sense -- we like to capture kids the way they are," Allison said. "Maternity sessions to newborns to babies ... children, families, (high school) seniors. We do limit ourselves to one to two weddings a month....

To read more: article

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melissa lewis - off the wall (04-29-2008 at 9:01am):

Congrats APR Team, this is well deserved!!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well, as most of you know, we're doing a Webinar for PPA on Monday called Financial Success Stories.
It's mainly about financial stuff and it should be pretty awesome! We'll be on the panel with three other studios and I feel like it should be a very informative discussion. Jeff and I are really looking forward to it and we're honored to be a part of it!

BUT today we needed some quick head shots... And you guys KNOW we can't be serious for 5 seconds to get real head shots - so here's our version... Thank's Molly for putting up with us (me mainly - I can't sit still long enough for this kind of thing) see below...

If you are a Photographer and would like to sign up - here's more info and the link.

April 21 2007 Financial Success Stories
with Ryan and Carrie Phillips; Jeff and Carolle Dachowski; Todd and Jaime Reichman; and Jeff and Allison Rodgers; moderated by Scott Kurkian 12:00pm-1:30pm EST

Hear first-hand how these successful photographers turned their businesses into incredible profit centers in 2007. From doubling sales to tripling net profits and reclaiming lost personal lives, these studios each have tremendous success stories to share. Listen for ideas and strategies on how to take your business to the next level of financial success!

And now for the headshots :)


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Thursday, April 10, 2008


Wow, I wonder what next April will be like, because this one has been crazy!

Thank you Simply Canvas for spotlighting us like this - we love you guys!
If you would like to read the write up that Simply Canvas sent out about ARP, just click the link below.
We'll also be speaking on a Webinar for Simply Canvas on Tuesday April 15th at 11:00 EST. Check it out if you can. We'll be talking about how we sell Simply Canvas to our clients.
You can sign up at:

Can't really post without leaving a recent favorite!
Little Miss L is so beautiful...


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Saturday, April 05, 2008


Here we are in all of our silliness...
We just wanted to give a little love to the PPA Magazine :)
All of these guys are just as excited about Magazine as Jeff and I are.
I want to thank the crew at ARP : DEBBIE : MOLLY : KATIE : HOLLIE & NICK.
Our studio wouldn't be where it is right now without our amazing family of staff - thanks guys.

(you may ask - why does Debbie not have any individual shots? Ummmm - well, she was working...)


A :)


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Nick (04-05-2008 at 4:16pm):

Only the best session ever!!

katie (04-06-2008 at 10:02pm):

this may be the cutest family ever! LOVE IT! YAY PPA

Debbie Hubbard (04-07-2008 at 9:51am):

I am so very proud of ARP. Truly the only place I have ever worked where I actually look forward to going to work and miss everyone on my days off. We always told Allison she would be famous one day but she would not believe us. Told you so!!

Jeni Linkous (04-07-2008 at 9:54am):

Way to go ARP!!! I'm so proud of you guys, but I must say that I think the attention is well-deserved! Have fun celebrating your accomplishement!

P.S. Molly - I love your hair wavy!!

Betsy (04-07-2008 at 10:05am):

I'm going to need some solo shots of Deb Deb! I think the eager beaver kidos boxed her out!

What great pictures!!!!!!!! I want to be photo-shopped in!

molly.claire (04-07-2008 at 12:23pm):

We just get to enjoy the hoopla too :)
I'm so excited to be apart of the ARP fam.
<3 MC

PS. I'll stay in the back with DebDeb from now on :)

carrie@urbanbaby (04-10-2008 at 6:36pm):

you guys are all so cute, i can hardly take it! great work by the way! -c