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June 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Father's Day can make me really miss my dad (he was a pretty cool guy ) BUT at the same time I LOVE celebrating JEFF - Fable and Ever's very own SUPERDAD :)

So here are a few silly images for your enjoyment. First up - JAY JONES - my dad. He was a performer and loved to make people laugh. These images are a great example of how it was really hard for him to act NORMAL infront of the camera - and a that's exactly why I LOVE them :) 


Next up is MR.JEFFREY Q. RODGERS : These images are just some iPhone picks from the weekend (also his 42nd birthday) He truly is an wonderful father and he can act pretty silly himself. He'd do anything for his girls and they love him soooo much.

The canvases you see have become a birthday / father's day tradition at our house. The girls get a canvas and they draw whatever they want. We have 14 canvases now!!!! Before we add them to our wall they will receive a blue color wash. 

It is so fun to watch the progression of what and how the girls draw on their canvases each year. I'll do a full post on this project later. This canvas wall is a prize possession just like any images we have of our family. It is such an awesome gift to give and their daddy loves it :)


We hope all of you have had a WONDERFUL Father's Day!!!!

TAKE PICTURES TAKE PICTURES TAKE PICTURES - make time stop so your babies will REMEMBER!!!!! Can't say that enough :) Your kids will treasure them forever :)

Allison :)

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Friday, June 01, 2012

ARP : Class of 2012!!!

Wanted to take a minute and say CONGRATULATIONS to all of our ARPgraduates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an exciting time :) We know it can be bittersweet for your families because graduating is a huge milestone and they are going to miss you next year!

We are so proud of all of you and we can't wait to see where your story takes you. 

love your PROUD ARPcrew :)




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Bienvenido (06-25-2012 at 8:58pm):

A keen eye for the moment!! Great work!