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April 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011


Meet Blake + Katherine :)

These lovebirds will be married in June and are SOOOO inlove :)

Jeff and I shot their Engagement Session in Oxford and had a blast hanging out and getting to know these two. I love these types of Sessions because I feel like it is practice for the Big Day! Being infront of the camera can be a little intimidating at times and being able to show clients that it really can be easy is extremely important. 

Blake and Katherine did an awesome job and you can see how much they adore each other. Just look at those smiles - they just can't help it!!!

Our ARPcrew is so excited about their wedding and we are so honored that they chose us to tell their story!!!!

Happy Friday!!!

Allison :)



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annabella (04-29-2011 at 4:02pm):


Susan (05-02-2011 at 11:00am):

Cute, cute, cute, Katherine! Love the pics!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Sunrise Sessions are awesome!!

This weather is REALLY REALLY making me want to head to the beach!!!
Warm sun, sand and a beach breeze would be so much better than more tornado sirens!!!

So let's talk about the beach so we can daydream about it for a little bit :)

I LOVE Sunrise sessions :) Why? Well, the light is different and after we're done your kids can play in the water!! Here's a little audio message that talks about sunrise sessions and what's cool about them!

Beach Sessions are available June 5th - June 17th
Call 662.890.9393 when you are ready to book yours.

We can't wait to tell your Beach story!!!!

(Now close your eyes and just pretend we are already there... :)




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Jeremy Horn (04-27-2011 at 1:32pm):

Con't wait for our session!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Do you wake up sometimes and ask your self - is this it? Is this how life is supposed to feel?

I thought I would be more fulfilled, more content, happier. Do you feel like you are just waiting for life to start? For most of us, there is an empty spot inside - one that we often try to fill with junk.

There have been times in my life (and I still struggle with this) when I've tried to fill that hole in me with things that will never make me complete. 

I have lived on the thoughts of : Once we do this, I'll be happy, once I get this, things will be good. I used to call it being driven and now I just call it being a misguided. There is something very devastating about never feeling content.

If you resonate with anything I've said here, then you are like me and need something larger than YOU to be in charge. Yes, this post is about having a relationship with God. Maybe that sentence aggravates you because you've had nothing but bad experiences at church. I've had those too. I grew up in church, but up until Jeff and I got married, 11 years ago, I'd never really had a relationship with God or lived my life as a Christian. 

If you are tired of the way things are in your life, if you are ready to have realtionships with people that really care, if you are ready to do something other than SURFACE CHURCH, or if you're ready to try this church thing for the first time then here's my invitation to you:


Meet us tomorrow at Christ The Rock  : 


8:45 AM : I'll be waiting at the entrance

directions: http://www.ctrmemphis.com/contact/

If you want to tell us you're coming ahead of time you can :
comment here or email us : studio@allisonrodgers.com - I want to make sure we save enough seats for all of us.

If you've ever been to our website then you've heard our awesome Worship Leader Jeremy Horn. Jeremy is a national recording artist and has a new CD coming out soon! He'll be there tomorrow as well as our Pastor Chris Bennett. You'll love both of these guys and wont want to miss this service.

God is for everyone. It doesn't matter where you are in life, what you've done, what kind of relationship you've had or haven't had with HIM. Check out this video by Jeremy Cowart about A Portrait of Christ. It shows you that HE does not discriminate and welcomes you with open arms and He's ready and waiting.

HAPPY EASTER and we can't wait to see you tomorrow :)

Allison & Jeff 


A Portrait of Christ from Jeremy Cowart on Vimeo.

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shari (04-23-2011 at 11:59pm):

why do you have to be so far way.. i totally get what you are saying and blogged a huge blog about my feelings on emptiness tonight

angel pilcher (04-25-2011 at 8:53am):

Om My Word!!! Fabulous pictures!

Flutter1998 (05-02-2011 at 7:03pm):

An amazing artist...I'm so glad you posted his work on your blog!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love this SWEET ARPfamily!!!!!

I LOVE photographing families for so many reasons.

I love being allowed to take a peek inside a family to see how they tick, I love watching them show how much they love each other, I love being allowed to tell the story of who they are and how they are with one another. 

Is it a challenge? YES, one that I look forward to weekly!!!! Parents - you don't realize the importance of these sessions!! In twenty years your kids are going to want to see what your family was like and remember what life was like, and they'll want to see how much you love them.

Check out how sweet these guys are :) Little boys that love to giggle, be silly and give lots of hugs and kisses — and a mommy and daddy who just can't get enough of these monkeys. 

Thank you for choosing ARP to tell your story - it was so fun!!!!!!!!!!

Allison & The ARPcrew :)




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Jenny (04-21-2011 at 4:53pm):

Too Cute!

Carolyn Adcock (04-21-2011 at 5:15pm):

Beautiful family, beautiful pics! I love the one with the parents in the background - poses are very creative and the kids laughing makes me want to laugh. Awesome!

Carly (04-21-2011 at 6:16pm):

Great pictures!

Sindy Abadie (04-21-2011 at 9:01pm):

These are amazing pics. What a precious family!

Mary Ashworth (04-21-2011 at 9:35pm):

These pictures are amazing!! Such a beautiful family.

Alison (04-22-2011 at 8:45am):


James McIntyre (04-22-2011 at 8:47am):

Wow! What a beautiful family and wonderful photos! So good!!!

Marcy Tashie (04-22-2011 at 9:17am):

What a beautiful family! You captured such natural looking expressions full of warmth and happiness.

Lana (04-22-2011 at 10:34am):

Love them all. Captured some great moments!

Debbie (04-22-2011 at 10:43am):

You truly captured the sweetest moments of this family. These pictures are great.

Lindsey Cox (04-24-2011 at 8:28am):

What sweet photos! Great photography of a great family:)

Gail Ross (04-24-2011 at 11:34am):

Absolutely gorgeous pictures!! The kids are so precious. ARP really captured their personalities!

erin (04-25-2011 at 8:17am):

Oh my gosh...those are so great!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Better weather = family bike rides at our house.

Sunday after church (at Christ the Rock - awesome church if you happen to be looking for one) we loaded up the bikes and headed out! Our girls LOVE this. In fact, when we were getting ready to go they said "this feels like vacation." We had snacks, played music while we rode and just enjoyed the afternoon together. 

Jeff, Fable and Ever all have super cool rides :) Fable's is called Blue Hawaii from Electra, Jeff's is a matte black TREK cruiser and let's just say that Ever is in the captain's seat announcing our next move. 

We'd love to hear what your family loves to do together!!

Leave a comment and tell us!!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Happy Monday :)


(Here are a few iPhone pics from the ride)


Jeffs Note: All the pics shown were processed throught iPhone app CrossProcess.



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Brad (04-18-2011 at 8:08pm):

Going on a picnic lunch, taking a walk together, going to the park and feeding the ducks, or popping popcorn and watching a show together. Fun times and wonderful blessings from God!