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October 2009

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Hello friends!

Allison and I flew out to Las Vegas last Wednesday for a three day trip. We were there to attend Scott Kelby's NAPP Photoshop World Convention. This was our first trip to Vegas and to make this trip memorable your friend and mine, the honorable Mike Hanline of WHCC flew up for the night to hang out with us and to meet the irrepressible Scott Bourne of Photofocus. Mike picked us up at the airport in a Limo so we could cruise the "strip" and see the sites. Yes, I was earlier made fun of for calling it the Miracle Mile. I know that is in Chicago but later on that night we found half way down the strip and whole section referencing the strip as the miracle mile. So I was technically correct. Technically.

The convention itself was pretty nice. There were a lot of companies at the tradeshow I want to see more of. The Moo Cards peeps were nice and I liked the interactive iStock munny dolls they used as passes for their party. The first day there I guest blogged iphone pics for the PSW blog during the keynote. A special thanks to Nancy Masse for that. My favorite speaker was Joe McNally. He is an amazing photographer for National Geographic and told a lot of interesting stories. A special thanks to Christel of PPA for being just so darn cool.

The highlight of our trip was getting to meet Scott Bourne in person. He and I have developed a online friendship over the past year and through this he has greatly influenced how I look at photography and the larger photographic community. He is such a great person. I can't thank him enough for all the time he spent with us in Vegas. Look for him at these upcoming workshops.

Here are some pics we shot using the Panasonic LX3. This camera is THE best point and shoot I have ever owned.


Mike Hanline obviously saying something witty in the elevator.


Mike and Allison posing in front of the iconic Las Vegas sign.


My turn...


The very impressive main hall at the Venetian.


I didn't know I was going to meet my hero Indiana Jones. Here you see me teaching Indy how to read Cunieform.


Hanging with my buddy James. He is such a prankster. You have no idea...


Simon Cowell really is not a good conversationalist. Allison was so bored she started to check twitter.


Ah yes. The original gangster, Benjamin Siegel. We go back along way. Take my advice, Don't call him Bugsy.


Of course I let the King hold Fable's doll for a pic. He was a great sport about it.


Here is a shot of me explaining the do's and don'ts of Twitter to honest Abe. He picked it up right away.




Allison playing with the awesome Canon 7D that Scott was testing out for Photofocus.


The man himself Scott Bourne. He is doing a boocast with the talented David Ziser of Digital Wake Up Call (coming to Memphis). Here is the link to the boocast Scott did with Allison.


The iStock Party: Yes, those are flaming dancers. Scott has a better shot here



iStock Party: Inside the freaky Gracelandesque mansion. 


iStock Party: A guy I want to get to know better. RC Concepcion of Layers TV. The video he shot of the party.


The Grand Canyon from the edge of space.



Awwww. He's a lucky guy.



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Christy Penn (10-06-2009 at 11:02pm):

Allison and Jeff, great to see images from your Fabulous Las Vegas Adventure! I followed you on twitter the whole time! I feel a bit like Honest Abe after listening to your Joy of Marketing telesummit on Social Networking. I think I got it! ;) Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion for photography!

annabella brandon (10-07-2009 at 3:25pm):

omg. too much fun. love the photos.. love the vegas. and love the boots

Lisa (10-10-2009 at 6:34am):

Hi Jeff and Allison,
It was great to meet you at the iStock party. Also, thanks for taking my photo with the crazy motorcycle.

I've just surfed around your blog and work - Amazing! Hope to meet you in person again.


Thursday, October 01, 2009



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