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April 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


All of our graduates are on the double digit count down!!!!

Check out this video we created for one of our 2009 Seniors!

And if you look really close - you'll see Fable assisting... she held the bubble machine :) training her early!!!

Congratulations Shelby...

These videos are a product at ARP - so if you would like us to create one from your Session just let us know!!!

A :)

Shelby ~ Class of 2009 from Jeff Rodgers on Vimeo.

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Jennifer H. (05-01-2009 at 9:56am):

this video was amazing! so creative! i just love following you guys on the blog! i know this young lady is probably stoked to see her pics put to use like this. fabulous!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hey guys! Here is a short video of ARP behind the scenes on the EMHE set. 

Another slideshow is coming tomorrow!!!


ARP:EMHE from Jeff Rodgers on Vimeo.

ARP travels to Montgomery AL. to shoot portraits of the Jordan family for the ABC program Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

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katie (04-29-2009 at 10:05am):

okay so I'm not the best videographer..but this looks great! I was too shaky in some of them:)

justin + amelia lyon (04-29-2009 at 5:47pm):

Looks like so much fun! The photos turned out amazing!!! Not shocking though, as you two are genius'. Gotta say I love the song choice "Lovely Love My Family" by The Roots from Yo Gabbba Gabba!!!

Sarah Merritt (04-30-2009 at 1:00pm):

Awesome pictures and I have to agree, a VERY emotional show. They seem like a wonderful family. So glad my son was priviledged to help give this wonderful gift. Thanks Allison and Jeff.

Monday, April 27, 2009


WOW - what an emotional show!!!

Here are some of the images that ARP shot for the Jordan family - we can officially show them now!!!!

We have a slideshow / video on the way to show more images that were placed throughout the home, behind the scenes stuff, and of course, a few funnies... 

We were very honored to bless a family that blesses others every day.


As the family walked into the house they saw their portraits at the top of the stairs. I love these images. Giving this family a "traditional" family portrait was just not what was called for in this situation. So we decided to concentrate on them as individuals - don't they all have the most beautiful skin!!!! I knew I wanted these velvety rich images showing the amazing members of this family. We were only allowed to bring what we could carry, so thanks to the crew we were able to create a very large backdrop with white and black fabric. We used natural light ONLY in combination with a scrim and a few reflectors. We shot these sporadically through the day. 

We didn't have the family all together until around 5:00, and we were fighting the clock with the NEWS teams that were there - we all needed them before the sun went down!!! That is when we shot the last image that was hanging in Monica and Brady's bathroom of everyone holding hands. This is also when the shot below was done. I arranged them and got down on the ground to shoot up into the sky for this image. When I was done, my back was covered in dirt - of course Monica was quickly dusting me off and getting me straight - such a nurturer  in every situation!! 


And YES we love the hands just as much as you guys do - most of you know I love feet - well I may have a new fave... so get ready. 

This was Ty's vision for this family, and we were honored to capture this for him. As the day progressed, we pulled different people in to be photographed. Young, old, light, dark, friends, family - you name it, we wanted it all. We made sure that Monica and Brady were in a shot together, and we also made sure that Ty was in a few as well. These shots in conjunction with the family hands in a circle truly carry across the concept for this space. 


Monica is a woman that loves to cook for people, and I knew that she might miss her old kitchen - as bad as it was. So during the last walk through of the old house we were able to photograph some special things just for her — mason jars, her teapot, silverware, and her cast iron skillets. These images were placed in the new kitchen, and I hope they help her remember some of the special memories she made over that old stove.


Well, it's obvious Miles likes basketball... The image above his bed is actually a shot of him and Tay Tay holding a basketball. We shot this right around the time we were working on their portraits. We wanted to turn this into more of a focal art piece so Nick Merritt, one of our Designers, added the very cool color work. I have to say this shot looked awesome on TV!!

We also created some images for Shan's room and a piece for Brittany - we're adding this to the slideshow coming up, as well as shots from the day. Hundreds of images were sent so they could fill tabletop frames for the family.

More from the ARP:EMHE coming up!!!

A BIG thank you to the ARPcrew... this was a HUGE thing to take on so quickly and with out Molly, Katie, Debbie, Nick, Hollie and April - we would NOT have been able to devote the attention to it that we needed to.

A + J :)

You can view the reveal of the house by following this link


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lanne (04-27-2009 at 4:07pm):

This is gorgeous work guys! Congratulations on being asked to share your talents with others, and thank you for being generous enough to do so! Love the kitchen images!

marion w. (04-27-2009 at 4:10pm):

Fabulous job! Beautiful photo's!!! The hands are very expressive. I think this work that you've done is some of my favorite. Really wonderful shots! The family is blessed to have them. Way to go ARP group!

Elisa Jobe (04-27-2009 at 4:34pm):

You guys did an AMAZING job! Perfection!

Whitney Little (04-27-2009 at 7:03pm):

Absolutely amazing photos!!! I am so glad y'all got to be apart of this incredible family's journey! Great job!!! Love y'all!!

Whitney Little

Melissa (04-27-2009 at 11:27pm):

allison....I got chills!! those are absolutely heart touching!! you are a wonderful photographer! You capture emotion so well.

jason (04-28-2009 at 12:12pm):

unbelievable! your the only person i can think of that can make cast iron skillets and mason jars interesting and touching! love all the pics. you and your team should be so proud

Deanna Ruble (04-28-2009 at 4:30pm):

These are AWESOME!!!I believe that the Lord knew what this family needed and he new that you guys could deliver it!!:)

Julia Radlick (04-30-2009 at 4:45pm):

OMG Allison. I'm sitting here in tears. What an amazing thing you did for this family. The images look stunning in their home. Through your eyes, through your love, you have helped bring awareness to these important causes, and you have changed this family forever. That was so touching. You should be so PROUD! Hugs to you!

Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall (05-01-2009 at 9:56pm):

Jaime and I are so happy for you guys, what an awesome opportunity! And you deserve it:) It's all fabulous!

Regina (05-02-2009 at 9:23am):

Allison, I never watch this show but when I saw that you were going to be on it, I watched. What an emotional story. You guys truly did capture the essence of the family! I met you a while back at a Goodman Oaks Church of Christ when you spoke at a MOPS meeting. I was impressed with your work then and am truly blown away now. You are an amazing talent!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Preview for our EMHE episode

Here is the preview for the episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, that we shot the portraits for. It airs this Sunday April 26th, 7pm Central.

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Whitney Little (04-23-2009 at 10:22pm):

Yay!!!!I am so so excited about EHME this Sunday!!! I know all of you are probably about to burst, but just wanted all of you to know that Boston and I are so proud of all of you and look forward to the next big adventure ARP crew embarks upon!

-Whitney Little

ashley (04-24-2009 at 9:39pm):

woo hoo!! we've been waiting and will definitely be watching. congratulations you two. this is just fantastic! we're so incredibly happy for you!
love, ashley

ashley (04-26-2009 at 8:20pm):

just saw the pictures on the show ... all the images were amazing. of course i knew they would be, but they were really just breathtaking. wish i could have seen them in person.
love, ashley

Kay (04-27-2009 at 4:17pm):

I know this is going to shock you, but that basketball pic is my fave. You guys are awesome. So happy that you all got to be a part of that!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009



That's right! It's time for BEACH SESSIONS!!!!!

We'll be at Rosemary Beach May 31st - June 12th.
1 sunrise and 1 sunset session will be offered each day.
We already have several Sessions booked so if you are interested give us a call!!!
COST: $1250
This covers your $250 Session Fee and gives you $1000 for print credit.
{the $250 Session Fee covers 5 people - others can be added for an additional fee}

Click here for blog posts from last years beach sessions.

let us tell your story @ the beach!!!!!!!!

A :)

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