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March 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


WOW -  you guys are so cute!!! ( and kissy :)

Your wedding was so full of your personalities and that made it such wonderful day. Everything was perfect!

It's obvious how in-love you guys are... We were honored to be part of such an amazing celebration, and we couldn't have asked for better weather!!! (maybe a little less mud - Jamie you were a trooper) Here are just a few favorites!!! We can't wait for you to see the rest!

Thank you for choosing us to tell your story :)

Allison + Jeff & The ARPcrew


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Marie (04-01-2009 at 6:41am):

Amazing work. What a beautiful couple!

Jennifer Bell (04-01-2009 at 9:04am):

Beautiful pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009


It's that time of year! Time for our new SENIOR CLASS to step up!!!
Calling all 2010 Seniors - would you love to share an ARP Senior Session with a friend?

Well, if you call and book your Session BY APRIL 8TH, it's BOGO!!!!
Share a CONSULTATION • Share your SESSION • BUT have your very own ORDERING appointment

Here at ARP, you know we're going to design COOL PRODUCTS for your room, awesome GRADUATION INVITATIONS, and your very own THANK YOU NOTES. Not to mention that we'll provide you with facebook images after you place your order!!

The Senior Session: LOCATION : $350 {$175 each}

The Senior Session : STUDIO / OUTDOOR - in Old Towne : $225 {$112.50 each}

These spots will book quickly - so call ASAP! We can't wait to hear all about you!!!

A & The ARPcrew :)



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Friday, March 27, 2009


What a great weekend in Oxford!!! Beautiful weather + our beautiful Bride + our handsome Groom = awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren & Andrew - Thank you for asking us to tell your story :) Here are just a few of our favorites!

UPNEXT: we'll have a slide show posted here to send to all of your friends!!!


Allison & The ARPcrew :)


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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Join us and all of the PPA peeps for a webinar! 

Blog. Facebook. Twitter. 

The Trifecta of Online Viral Marketing

MONDAY : March 16, 2009 : 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST :  $49 for PPA Members

click here to sign up!


We want you to know how to take advantage of these 3 key elements of Viral Marketing. Don't let it be overwhelming - embrace it!


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Dianne Leigh (03-12-2009 at 2:13pm):

I am thinking of signing up for this class, however, if I can't make it at the specified time....will it be available for download?

Hailey (03-16-2009 at 10:39pm):

I attended your webinar this morning and got a lot from it. I tried to convert my facebook group to a fanpage and they said they no longer do that?? Is there anything I can do? What could I do differently with my current group....I really don't want to make all my friends rejoin....is it worth it? Sorry...I know I should have asked this morning, but the Q&A section got pretty long and I couldn't stay for the last part. Please let me know....Thanks

Andrew Conner (10-26-2012 at 3:59am):

Viral marketing is any form of marketing that encourages this sort of word-of-mouth recommendation. It has several benefits. Firstly, once you've got it started, it'll can exponentially with little further effort. Secondly, if you do it well, it can have a long-term positive effect on your customers. People like the feeling of coming to a product because it's been independently reviewed as being good, rather than because they were bombarded with unsubtle advertising.

Monday, March 09, 2009


We just wanted to thank Chris Clothier of MemphisInvest for his glowing blog post about ARP!!!! Chris and his wife Michelle (and precious babies - 2 boys and a brand new baby girl) are new members of the ARPfamily :)

We love it when a client "gets" what we are trying to do - we're here to help you. We want you to know that we're going to take care of everything! From helping you pick out clothes to building a template to hang your images. We love nurturing these relationships and only through doing that can we really figure out what our clients need. So to the Clothiers THANK YOU for your awesome words - we are soooo excited that we have the chance to "tell your story"

A + J and the ARPcrew

(the follow is the post from the MemphisInvest website. Check them out - they have some amazing things going on!!!)


Talk About Great Customer Service! Allison Rodgers goes over the top!

If you know me at all, you know that I am really big on getting to know people and striving to do EXACTLY what I say I am going to do in business. My customers are very important and although I fall flat sometimes when it comes to answering my phone…. I always try to put my customers, clients, friends whatever you call those you do business with, FIRST! It’s a must if you plan to get anywhere in life - especially as a self-made business person. So I decided to start writing a BLOG dedicated to companies that i do business with that I think really hit the mark. They won’t always be real estate businesses either and for the first installment….I chose this little gem in Olive Branch, MS.


I was sitting in the studios of Allison and Jeff Rodgers this past weekend and two things dawned on me….

1. These are the kind of people that I want to introduce to everyone I know.

2. They have the kind of customer service and product quality, that I can only hope to attain at www.MemphisInvest.com.

I love this company and what they have done for us so far has been amazing and I haven’t even used them for our business yet! But I will! They are so unique and yet so…. well, so like everyday, down to earth normal people doing something really amazing - and its not just the product or their customer service. It’s this vibe you get when in their studios that “hey - I could easily see us hanging out together”. On a side note - I can only imagine them reading this now saying “whoa–not so fast there”. I have dealt with them 3 times now and my wife won’t stop making fun of me for gushing over the top about how different their company is in a really over-crowded profession. I seriously can’t wait to go back and see the pictures of my newborn daughter! This is turning into borderline obsession so I will move on to WHY I like their business style so much.

Like most introductions to companies, this one occurred after someone I trust told me that Allison Rodgers Photography was a ton of fun to work with and then they showed me the pictures to prove it. Wow! Not to knock on the reference or anything, but I never imagined them on the cover of a magazine or in the middle of a hip catalogue until I saw the pictures. They were fantastic! But hey, any decent photographer can take good pictures right! At the time, my wife and I were expecting a new baby and we wanted some family photos before the new little one arrived. We made an appointment with Allison Rodgers Photography based only on their recommendation. *** (REFERRALS ARE THE LIFE BLOOD OF MY BUSINESS)

I can’t tell you how cool this place was! Completely 180 degrees from most experiences we had had in the past with photography companies. From the setting, to the offices, to the totally laid back and relaxed atmosphere, I knew I was going to get along with Allison and Jeff. The sitting was great and all about us and our family. No stodgy backgrounds and pre-planned settings, just our personalities being brought out by the professionals. And my two boys loved every minute of the attention they got.

Three weeks later we were viewing the results and I was amazed to hear them tell me to cool it with the pocket book. I was ready to buy this many 8×10’s and that many 5×7’s and the staff just laughed. That wasn’t their style. They wanted to know what we NEEDED - they weren’t interested in loading us up with a bunch of pictures we didn’t need. (I can’t give away all of their secrets - BUT, I can say it was a really personal, get to know YOU kind of sales experience). And I left feeling that whatever amount I spent was totally worth it.

Now, Allison is taking pictures of my daughters 1st year and I can’t wait to see those results, but I really can’t wait to go back to their offices, hang out again in the gallery checking out the unbelievable things they are doing with finishes and textures and get treated by the staff like I am the most important client they have. These guys have it down and we can all take lessons!


Note: To my staff - as you read this remember - This is EXACTLY how we want every client to feel when they do business with MemphisInvest.com. I have always done business from a standpoint of not needing to sell a house, but instead wanting to help an investor. If I do my job right and listen to what the investor wants and needs, then I will develop a customer for life!

Chris D. Clothier
130 Timber Creek
Cordova, TN.  38018

Tel.: 901-751-7191 Office

Tel,: 901-212-9647 Cell
Fax: 901-751-7317

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