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December 2008

Sunday, December 07, 2008


Here are some of our favorite shots from Jeremy Horn's live concert album recording. It was a fun and very laid back concert. The album is slated for a February release. Check out his website for that latest updates on his travels and to purchase his current CD for Christmas!!! 


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Friday, December 05, 2008


Well - here's our schedule for IUSA 2009 so far!!!! Wow, it's going to be crazy :)

Here's the link to the IUSA site if you are a Photographer and need to sign up.

The only class of ours that you have to officially sign up for is the PRE-CON class on Saturday.
There is a limit to the number of people they'll let in that class.

We're getting all of our sponsorship finalized so we'll be adding that into this post soon.
This will stay at the top of the blog for a while so scroll down for new posts!

We're very excited about all of this and we can't wait to see everyone.
As for our WHCC talks - the topics are being decided right now. If you are a photographer and would like to hear about something specific - let us know! We'd love to include it.

Allison :)


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Sonya Coates (01-13-2009 at 12:55pm):

hi allison & jeff - amazing presentation on monday (boutique part 1). and yes, awesome on adding the jeremy horn song. love how you included it! blessings, sonya

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I love my new toy. The Canon TS-E 45mm f/2.8 Tilt-Shift Lens.

I have been experimenting with it for the last couple of weeks and here are some of my favorites. The last 7 images are from our Rosemary Beach shoot. 

And no the dog was not about to kill me. He was very friendly... luckily. 



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Savannah Kenney (12-03-2008 at 1:27pm):

Very beautiful use of the lens.

Todd Steele (12-03-2008 at 1:51pm):

after i looked up what a tilt-shift (and rotate) lens is, i can now appreciate what the lens can do for you. some the ones from RB almost make main street and the rooftops look like little models. almost too perfect. (well, it is, isn't it?)

Jennifer Hansen (12-03-2008 at 2:48pm):

Hey guys! Just a fan of everyone's work here at your studio. I think you guys really just create wonderful, beautiful, works of art with your photography. I hope to use you guys in the future to "tell my story!"

matt sloan (12-03-2008 at 3:32pm):

yay for TS lenses! :o)

Alicia Rodgers Smith (12-03-2008 at 6:10pm):

I was just wondering were are the pictures from mom & dads at thanksgiving when you used the awesome tilt lense. I'm sure you got a few good shots of your dear sweet sister you could have posted! :)

benjhaisch (12-05-2008 at 12:18pm):

aren't they awesome!? I love my tilt shift!

katie (12-06-2008 at 12:18pm):

Ever & Fable are so beautiful in those shots..I seriously want a 5x7 of them haha. It's a little ridiculous how much I love those precious girls!:)