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March 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008


After watching the movie Enchanted last night Fable says to me:

"Ariel has been my favorite princess for so long - that sometimes I get tired of saying she's my favorite - so I just say that Jasmine is - kinda like when I get tired of peanut butter..."

Fable age 6.5

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In 2007 we were asked by RedDeluxe to do a commercial shoot for Baptist Hospital. It was for a calendar that will be given out as part of a care package for moms that deliver at Baptist Hospitals.

This was such a fun project to shoot. RedDeluxe gave me complete creative freedom - their instructions were - "we need to hit a milestone each month and we want it to be colorful!" PERFECT - I love freedom like that! We selected our babies, one to represent each of the first 12 months of life and we started shooting. We pulled in color and texture from fabrics and different props (most props were donated by Mango Street - thank you ladies!) We love the results and we hope that the thousands of new mommies that will be receiving this calendar will too! The dates were left off, so new moms can customize the calendar to start when their baby arrives.

So not only was this an awesome commercial job where we worked with a great hospital and a great agency, it also WON some ADDYS for specialized marketing and photography!!!!

I was an Art Director before we started ARP (my last agency was RedDeluxe - love them) and as an Art Director, the ultimate achievement was to win ADDYS - and I did :) FOR DESIGN. And NOW ARP has won them for PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!! I know I'm a goofball - BUT man it feels good to be able to win on both sides of the industry.

So: THANK YOU BAPTIST & THANK YOU REDDELUXE for including ARP in this award winning endeavor!!!!

A :)

PS: one of the coolest parts - our name is on EVERY page - and our contact info is on the back!!!!
PSS: YES - that is my sweet EVER on the cover and as the 12 month old...


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Ashley Jones-Bodie (03-20-2008 at 6:06pm):

oooohhhh ... i NEED one of these!! what a perfect thing to have with me for this first year. any way to get an extra :)?

Julie Clement Cochran (03-24-2008 at 9:13am):

Congratulations Allison and team on a much deserved award! Thank you for letting us be a part of such a fun and special project. We look forward to seeing you all soon.
Julie, Michael and Izzie

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I fell in love with Twitter today, it is such a nifty little program.
I created a Twitter account a while back and never did anything with it. Today, I noticed that a lot of people on Facebook use it to update their Facebook status message.

After setting up my account I was able to add the Twitter app to my profile page. Then I opted for Twitter to replace the Facebooks default status message with the Twitter feed.

From my iphone I text messaged Twitter and what I typed immediately showed up in my facebook status line. So cool. It would be even more interesting if I knew other people who are Twittering. It is a way for you to have IM on your cell phone without the hassle of IM. This is a welcome addition for the iphone user. So if you have not clicked the link yet, go to Twitter and sign up for an account. Then go to my profile and click on my name to add me as a fellow Twitter.

For more info about Twitter on Wikipedia.



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I LOVE to be able to create custom products for my family of clients.
This is a "Chronicle" on our Product Guide. I actually shot a few images of the adorable Miss Allie Harris' bedding so I could include those in the design. This piece will match her room perfectly!

A :)


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Alex (07-22-2010 at 12:01pm):

Would you come to Costa Rica for a weeding?

Monday, March 17, 2008


Fable submitted an illustration of "Belle" for a contest at school.
Pretty impressive don't you think?

Her first lesson in watercolor :)


PS: We do have another child :) - it just seems all of the posts are about Miss Fable lately...
Ever will have her turn in the spotlight very soon.

A :)

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Denise Horn (03-18-2008 at 5:49pm):

It's a masterpiece! xoxo