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March 2008

Sunday, March 30, 2008


The following video is an example of what happens when my family gets together for the holidays...
People assume that it's different since we do this for a living - I think they imagine a perfectly set-up family grouping with me behind the camera saying "Ok, everyone look this way!" Of course I wouldn't say "cheese' because most of you guys know that's not a word in my vocabulary unless we're talking about PANCHOS.  NOPE - that's not usually the case. I kinda get a kick out of watching them have a moment of family chaos. 
It reminds me just how important it is for us to let our clients know how Sessions at ARP are handled - with patience, care - and relaxed parents. 

Enjoy this crazy moment from The Rodgerses Easter.
A :) 

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Lanne (04-14-2008 at 7:09pm):

OH this makes me feel better. I TRY to give my mother photos of my son. I make my living as a photographer.. we have 40,000 + photos of my son (there are some GOOD ones in there).. no. she whips out the kodak easy share.. chops the top of his head off and makes 100 copies for family and friends.. *sigh*.. but you gotta love family!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Mike's bio from Cadence Comic Art:

Mike Norton has been working in comics for 10 years now, gaining recognition for projects such as The Waiting Place and Jason and the Argobots. Eventually, he became Art DIrector for the newly starting Devil's Due Publishing where he drew the first Voltron mini-series. He has since made a name for himself working on books like Queen and Country, Gravity, Runaways, All-New Atom, and Countdown.

He is also very, very tall.

I met Mike in 1994 at the University of Memphis in the Graphic Design department. While everyone else was wondering what they were going to do when they graduate, Mike always said, "I am going to draw comic books." Today he is doing just that. He signed an exclusive contract with DC comics (home of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman) last summer.
Mike is currently the artist on the popular series Green Arrow and Black Canary

Mike's Links:



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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Wedding season is starting this month at ARP and we've been shooting some amazing Engagement Sessions to get ready! We love it when our couples can relax and really have a true romantic moment with one another. These are a few examples of our Designer Finish - this is all Jeff Rodgers... He's great at taking images we shoot and creating something so rich in texture and design. Our couples love these! These images become some of the very first artwork for their new homes!!!

A :)


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Chanel Parrott (03-28-2008 at 9:04am):

Allison and Jeff, I love the finishes! I love the one of the couples legs...I would totally put that up in my house big! Of course you know what I am thinking....we are going to need some of these....maybe we can work that into our visit this summer?
I hope so! Yes that means I really need to get to the gym.

Have a great day!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Hard to believe that the Saturday before this we had 6 inches of snow!!! So glad it's warming up.

Please take note of Fable's outfit. Picked out by her of course - just a few of her favorite things. People fret about what their kids should wear during Sessions. Sometimes just letting the kids have a say in it, ends up being the cutest thing ever!!! Can you tell she's related to me??? Um look at those long legs. And Miss Ever has her daddy's beautiful blue eyes.

Riding bikes is almost an everyday thing for us. It's a great time to hang out and talk about your day. Get out and do something fun with your family this weekend!!!

A :)

PS: and yes - RODGERSES is correct even though the world thinks it's wrong - just ask my mom the English/Latin teacher...


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katie weaver (03-27-2008 at 9:52am):


nathalie (03-31-2008 at 9:22am):

hello allison! i just wanted to say that your work is amazing!!!! we have never met, but i'm married to paul bearden, rita's son...who is your cousin. ok long family history here. anyway, i found your site with deborah cofer's help and i'm in awe! you are so talented! i wish you the very best.


"Mommy, sometimes things just get on my NERDS!!!"

Fable 6.5 :)

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