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February 2008

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Looks like most of you are using the new EVENTS gallery!!!
I just checked the stats and it's already been looked at 800+ times!

We'll be doing calls again tomorrow to give out passwords just incase we weren't able to catch you today.
If you have not visited your gallery yet then follow these instructions:

- go to the PORTRAIT site
- click on EVENTS (that will take you to a password protected gallery listing)
- find your name and click on it
- type in your password and ORDER!

Remember that 20% of all orders for this EVENT will go straight back to Turner.

If you have any questions at all - just email or call us : 662.890.9393

Thank you so much for supporting GIGGLES+GRINS!!!

Allison :)

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Commercials of Greatness!

The two best commercials. Ever. Seriously. In the dictionary under the listing "best commercial" you will find these commercials. By the way when I was looking that up I saw my picture under the listing "best husband." I just thought you all needed to know this.

This is actually what I hear when confronted with sports talk.

Art Director

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Shawn (02-21-2008 at 1:57pm):

I am with the kid, I hate clowns too.

But I think the Honda spot may be the best out there right now.