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November 2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Christmas is here!

The website has just received its Christmas makeover so be sure to go take a look around.


Santa Jeff

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Rell Farris (11-13-2007 at 3:50pm):

Love the holiday makeover.....you forgot to put ice skates on the snowman.

Kelly (11-14-2007 at 12:42pm):

I love the new Christmas layout and logo! This is my favorite time of the year as well.

kathy magee (11-15-2007 at 9:12am):

Happy Birthday to my beautiful and talented daughter! I am so proud of who you are and what you represent. Have a great day!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Allison will be a year older on Thursday and she can not stop it...

(Allison shooting an engagement session downtown)

My better half celebrates her birthday this Thursday. She did not want this to be announced here on the blog but I wanted to.

So I am... She will be turning one year older on November the 15th.

What am I getting her on this special day? Well it is something every girl loves to do. Shopping for clothes.

As an added bonus I volunteered to go with her. I know, I am such a great guy. This reminds me, I need some suggestions for a good movie to download to my iphone so I have something to do when I am sitting outside the waiting room. This is always a bonding experience for guys. Usually when I am sitting there I am not alone because there are generally one or two other guys there looking at some catalog or playing with their phones. The other guys will look as you walk up and we just sorta smirk_smile and give each other a knowing nod of our heads that says "Yeah man, I am with you, we WILL pull through this together." So I sit down and get out my iphone.

So everyone be sure to drop her a line this week.

Super Husband Jeff

Addendum:12:00am 11-13-07
I had to come back and clear something up. Allison thinks I am coming across as someone who does not like to shop. Of course I like to buy stuff. I am always pursuing the next latest and greatest thingy. Here is a comprehensive list of the best place to buy stuff.

1. Comics and Collectibles
2. Apple Store
3. Target
4. Lowes
5. Gap
6. Borders
7. Sams

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Shawn (11-12-2007 at 10:38pm):


Always remember - Jeff is old.

Friday, November 09, 2007

The Magical November 8th...

Merry Christmas!!

"I am SO EXCITED Starbucks is switching to their Red Christmas cups today." This was the first thing I heard from Allison yesterday morning.

Starbucks started this tradition a couple of years ago and since then Allison officially marks the first day of the Christmas Season with the changing of the cups at Starbucks. Apparently this is widely regarded unofficial holiday in the coffee drinking circles.


Santa Jeff

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Joe Anonymous (11-12-2007 at 10:52pm):

The frost around the cup is the best part. Whoever touched up that photo deserves a high five. Kudos...