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October 2007

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Don't be timid...

Go ahead, don't be afraid. Leave a comment. Everyone wants to hear what you think so go ahead and share.

I will even make a post featuring the most compelling comment posted this week. The key word is compelling. While you are pondering this please click the button on our survey that applies to you.

One more thing.
We are going to start a blog reading reward system. For all you loyal readers I will post a question or instructions on a random post and the person who answers correctly wins. I am not certain what the rewards will be but I am sure they will be universally loved.


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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Viva la iPhone

I just discovered that I can post from my iPhone. That in and of itself really does not warrant a blog post but I could not resist.

Okay I just thought of something that will justify my post. The next time you are in the studio take a minute to admire the 60x40 gallery wrapped print in the lobby. It is by far the largest print we have ever ordered. It is most impressive.

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Random Man defender of the trivial pursuits

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Lesley Richardson (10-26-2007 at 4:36pm):

The essence of this child has been captured-her beauty, her mischevious nature, her intelligence. Yes, it is most impressive what God has created and we have been allowed to enjoy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The greatest music video ever created...

When I was a wee lad of 15 summers I witnessed the greatest music video ever created. "Take on Me" by the band a-ha. This was back when MTV was young and still played music videos. I thought it was so amazing. I was pleasently suprised today after watching the video. It has really stood the test of time and STILL looks great. Putting aside the big 80s hair the videos effects are very good. It was created by Framestore CFC (They recently worked on Superman Returns.)

This song has another point of distinction. It is one of the songs Allison and I put on our Wedding "soundtrack".

A-Ha - Take on Me via Noolmusic.com

Get Video Code For YouTube Music Videos 80s 90s - A-ha - Take On Me


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Friday, October 19, 2007

LINDSEY + HUNT : 09.29.07


You guys are so cute - thank you for choosing us to tell the story of your special day. Every little detail was so carefully planned and executed beautifully. Lindsey you were such a BEAUTIFUL bride - Hunt you looked pretty cute too :) Congratulations!!!

Allison : Jeff : Molly

















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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The MOST intelligent TV show ever...

Pushing Daisies is a very good show. It is so good I find myself telling people they need to watch the show. It is a very whimsical show narrated by Jim Dale. Jim Dale is the narrator for the popular Harry Potter audio books. The show is more akin to a fairy tale than a show grounded in reality.

Here is the official description:
"Pushing Daisies is a "forensic fairy tale" that focuses on Ned, a piemaker with the mysterious ability to make the dead live again. The gift is not without its complications—if he touches a revived being a second time, they die permanently; and if a person is revived for more than 60 seconds, somebody else nearby dies ("It's a random proximity thing.") Ned, along with his private investigator friend, Emerson Cod, and his childhood sweetheart, the once-dead Charlotte Charles, whom he likes to call "Chuck", capitalize on the gift by reviving the dead murder victims to ask them about their last moments so they can collect outstanding rewards, if any, and solve the mystery of how the deceased met their end."


you can watch the entire episode online here...


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Ashley Jones Bodie (10-19-2007 at 2:19pm):

Hey, Jeff!

Thanks for the explanation. Graham and I caught the end of the show the other night and couldn't figure out all the "complications". I'll have to let him in on the details.

Hope you're having a good week!

Kellie Hanlon (10-21-2007 at 6:49pm):

Totally agree! I love this show!