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Monday, February 19, 2007

Love and Respect

My first post!

My weekend started off great. I am always so blessed by what I get to do for people. Friday a daughter called the Studio and asked if I had any openings because her mother wanted to come in and have some portraits taken. I knew I had to get on the road after lunch to go out of town and there was no way I could get her in. Well, as she proceeded to tell me her story, I knew I had to make arrangements for this to happen. Her mother has cancer and she wanted to surprise her husband with portraits. I could tell by her tone that this was something her mother wanted to do that day and she really didn't want to wait. I promised them if they would get here that morning, I would get her in.

What an amazing lady... I was so honored to be able to photograph her. We captured something that morning that her family will cherish forever. We created a memory - and I LOVE that about my job.

When I was done, Jeff and I left for Little Rock Arkansas to attend a Love & Respect conference. Wow - it was really amazing. Not only did we get to travel with two of our favorite peeps: Steve & Betsy, but it was a huge eye opener about just how the opposite sex really thinks. The whole idea is based around Ephesians 5:33. Here's the site: We're hoping to do a Small Group study on this in the spring at our church. There's not one couple that wouldn't benefit from this!

Keep checking the blog because this week we're going to be adding some of our favorite images from our 2007 Sessions. I already have so many favorites and it's just February!


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Bootsy (02-21-2007 at 12:36am):

O for the day that we move from "two of our favorite peeps" to "our absolute favorite peeps"- I really thought this weekend would have sealed the deal! One can always hope...